Kontron KBox B-Serie For Smart Buildings

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The Embedded Box PCs KBox B-201-CFL and KBox B-202-CFL from Kontron are known for their high performance, enabling application developers to innovate in building automation and lighting control. System integrator Aaronn Electronic offers these PCs in both standard and barebone configurations as part of a modular system. This flexibility allows for the realization of highly customized applications while maintaining an optimal price-performance ratio.

In smart buildings and building management systems, the trend is moving from simple point solutions—such as basic shutter control—to complex, interlocking, and holistic concepts. While the ideas often exist, efficient implementation has frequently been hindered by high costs or inadequate performance of control systems.

Aaronn Electronic addresses these challenges with two exceptionally powerful embedded box PCs from its manufacturing partner, Kontron. Equipped with eighth and ninth-generation Intel Core processors, featuring up to six and eight CPU cores respectively, and up to 32 GB of RAM, these PCs provide the performance reserves necessary to realize demanding projects in building automation and lighting control.

Furthermore, these systems are robust enough to handle the multimedia aspects that will become increasingly important in both fields, including image and video delivery as well as sound control. For example, cameras and microphones can be used as sensors to monitor building conditions, analyze the data directly on-site with the embedded box PCs, and send control commands in real-time.

As a long-standing system integrator for Kontron, Aaronn Electronic not only offers standard models but also accommodates highly individual requirements through a barebone concept based on the modular principle. This approach allows for tailored solutions in close cooperation with software developers, even for small quantities, ensuring that the box PCs can be configured and adapted to meet specific needs.

Kontron KBox B series – First choice for demanding IoT applications

The Embedded Box PCs of the KBox B series from Kontron offer high processor performance in a compact format. The KBox B-201-CFL and KBox B-202-CFL are based on mini-ITX motherboards and support 8th or 9th generation Intel Core processors. Leveraging the modular principle, Aaronn Electronic, a long-standing Kontron partner, can tailor these PCs precisely to customer requirements, addressing the needs of demanding software that requires high computing power while keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) in mind.

With up to 32GB DDR4L memory, both variants can be customized for even the most demanding applications in video and image analysis. The B-201-CFL model features one 2.5-inch and one M.2 SSD, while the B-202-CFL can support up to four SSD drives with RAID functionality, providing ample space for the operating system, applications, and data. The Embedded Box PCs are EN55032 Class B certified, making them suitable for residential and commercial use as well as harsh environments, thanks to an innovative fan design with an easily removable and washable metal grille. Both versions are designed for operating temperatures between 0 and +45°C.

The compact KBox B-201-CFL (190 x 60 x 190 mm) can be positioned almost anywhere using a VESA mount and mounting brackets for horizontal and vertical installation. The slightly larger KBox B-202-CFL (90 x 120 x 190 mm) offers additional flexibility with expansion options for two PCIe x8 cards or one PCIe x16 card.

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