MXM 3.1 Type A based on Intel® Arc™ GPU

  • MXM 3.1 powered by Intel® Arc™ GPU
  • Dedicated Ray Tracing Units & Industry First AV1 HW Encode
  • 4x Display Output, PCIe Gen4 x8
  • Intel® Deep Link, maximum performance

MXM-AXe is the world’s first MXM (R3.1) Type A discrete graphics module powered by the Intel Arc GPU. This innovative module leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of Intel Arc, including hardware-based ray tracing, specialized AI acceleration, and the ability to drive up to four 4K displays simultaneously. As a result, it significantly elevates the responsiveness, precision, and reliability of graphics-intensive and time-critical applications at the edge, spanning various sectors such as gaming, healthcare, media processing, and transportation.


Beratung & Support zum MXM-AXe

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