Pocket AI (EGX-TBT-A500)

Portable GPU empowered by NVIDIA RTX A500

  • 2048 NVIDIA CUDA® cores/ 64 NVIDIA Tensor Cores/ 16 NVIDIA RT Cores
  • 100 TOPS DENSE INT8 in inference
  • 6.54 TFLOPS Peak FP32 performance
  • NVIDIA CUDA X, RTX Software Enhancements
  • 106 x 72 x 25mm (less than 200cc) and 250 gram in weight
  • Auxiliary Power Input via USB PD
  • 40Gb/s bandwidth for Data Transfer via Thunderbolt 3.0+ USB Type-C

The Pocket AI (EGX-TBT-A500) is a compact powerhouse revolutionizing on-the-go AI processing. Boasting the NVIDIA RTX A500 GPU with 4GB GDDR6, it features 2048 CUDA cores, 64 Tensor Cores, and 16 RT Cores, ensuring unparalleled efficiency in handling complex computations.

With a remarkable 100 TOPS DENSE INT8 in inference and a peak FP32 performance of 6.54 TFLOPS, this pocket-sized marvel delivers exceptional processing power for a variety of AI applications. Its NVIDIA CUDA X and RTX Software Enhancements further optimize performance, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Compact yet robust, the EGX-TBT-A500 is designed for professionals who require on-the-fly AI processing without compromise. Elevate your workflow with this cutting-edge pocket AI solution, setting new standards for portable computational excellence.

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