COM Express® basic Type 7 with Intel® Xeon® D-1700 processor family

kontron COMe-bID7
  • COM Express® basic Type 7 with Intel® Xeon® D-1700 processor family
  • Server-grade platform
  • Quad 10 GbE interfaces
  • High-speed connectivity 16x PCIe 4.0 + 16x PCIe 3.0, SATA, USB 3.0
  • Up to 1 TByte NVMe SSD onboard
  • Industrial grade versions

The COMe-bID7 is a highly adaptable module with a compact form factor, offering scalability from 4 to 10 cores. It is built to withstand extreme conditions, with SKUs designed for an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and a reliability rating of 24×7 for 10 years. This makes it ideal for robust implementations in harsh environments.

This module supports up to 4 SO-DIMM sockets, allowing for a maximum of 128GB of memory. It also provides the option of a soldered NVMe SSD onboard with storage capacity of up to 1 terabyte.

For demanding I/O and network requirements, the COMe-bID7 offers 16 PCIe Gen4 lanes, 16 PCIe Gen3 lanes, and 4 10GBASE-KR interfaces, ensuring high data throughput. The 10GBASE-KR design provides flexibility by allowing different physical interface options – KR for backplane connectivity, Copper (RJ45), or fiber (SFP+).

Incorporating real-time capabilities like low latency and determinism with Intel Time Coordinated Computing (TCC) and Time Sensitive Network (TSN), this platform is well-suited for high-performance IoT edge computing.

This Computer-on-Module design targets a wide range of applications in embedded IoT, including Industry 4.0, test & measurement, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and AI workloads. It’s also relevant for network edge applications such as multi-access edge computing (MEC) and 5G RAN.

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