Aaronn Electronic pioneers WISE PaaS in Europe

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Aaronn Electronic is one of the first partners in Europe to support Advantech in marketing the industrial IoT cloud platform WISE-PaaS. Aaronn customers will thus benefit from completely new opportunities to network their individual hardware solutions and tackle projects in the areas of IoT, Big Data, cloud services and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

At the Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference, December 12-14 in Taipei, Aaronn Electronic and Advantech extended their long-standing, close partnership to include collaboration on WISE-PaaS. With WISE-PaaS, Advantech has been successfully offering software and services in Asia for some time to help companies build and operate successful cloud-based IoT business models. For European customers, Advantech is now also providing these services from a European data center. Aaronn Electronic is now available as an authorized Advantech partner for the use of the offering as well as the design and development of customized hardware for the digitalization projects supported by WISE-PaaS.

“We have been watching WISE-PaaS for some time,” says Florian Haidn, Managing Director of Aaronn Elecntroic. “Many of our customers also found the offering interesting, but were previously hesitant to use it in a global cloud. But now that it is also offered from a data center in the EU, it is natural for us, as one of Advantech’s most successful sales partners and system integrators in Germany for years, to support companies in implementing their IoT and digitization projects quickly and efficiently with WISE-PaaS.”

Both existing customers of Aaronn and new customers who are looking for a competent partner for connecting their individual hardware solutions benefit from this. They receive personal support at Aaronn and can take advantage of Aaronn’s excellent contacts to the local specialists at Advantech, who, like Aaronn, are also located in the west of Munich.


With WISE-PaaS, Advantech offers an IoT cloud platform designed for industrial requirements. WISE is the abbreviation for “Wu Intelligence Solution Embedded”, where the Chinese word “Wu” can mean both “fog” and “things” – so it stands for cloud and Internet of Things in equal measure. As a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), it provides edge-to-cloud software services. They help to quickly develop individual IoT solutions.

Advantech WISE-PaaS DeviceOn also provides asset management to remotely monitor and manage devices at different locations. DeviceOn can be used to intervene directly when necessary. It also allows remote troubleshooting, and patches and updates can be applied remotely to the managed devices. DeviceOn can be used via the cloud or with an installation in the company’s own data center. In addition, a variety of other WISE PaaS applications are available.

Data can be imported, evaluated and visually prepared via the WebAcess component. Thanks to open interfaces, integration into existing systems is possible. With a dashboard generator, this data can be prepared individually and used quickly and easily for evaluations, ongoing monitoring and strategic planning.

WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink ensures that data from individual devices is transferred securely to the cloud, while WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense performs this task for sensors.

Based on these services, Advantech has already developed a variety of solution packages for different technical requirements. These in turn can be adapted to industry-specific and individual requirements by system integrators such as Aaronn Electronic. “If they want to keep up with the rapid development in the IoT environment, companies cannot always completely reinvent the wheel. It makes sense to use existing services for data acquisition, transmission, evaluation and visualization and to focus on the aspects where individual added value can be created,” summarizes Aaronn Managing Director Florian Haidn. “Advantech provides the platform for this with WISE-PaaS, and we provide the implementation support with our know-how.”


Short introduction of Advantech WISE-PaaS in a video at YouTube https://youtu.be/y7LrX5Zdibk
More information about WISE-Paas: https://www.aaronn.de/wise-paas/