Embedded Embedded PCs are ideal for use in production environments, healthcare, retail, machine and plant engineering, and control cabinets. They offer all the functions and often the performance of a classic desktop PC, but are far better designed for the special requirements of industrial use:

  • Fanless designs keep them resistant to dust and dirt
  • The choice of components and the design of the housing protect them against drops, shocks and vibrations.
  • They are prepared for use in harsh environments. This includes the temperature range in which they can be operated- between – 30 and + 80 Celsius, depending on the model and design. The degree of humidity that the computers can tolerate is also significantly higher than normal.
  • For different operating environments, they are available with a wide range of power supply options. From 9 to 48 volts DC and with protection against damage caused by voltage fluctuations, voltage spikes and overvoltage, which are inevitable in industry.
  • Embedded Box PCs are also designed for low power consumption. Not only do they manage without fans, but they also use low-power processors and other ways to save energy. This means that they can also be operated safely on the move and wherever, for example, unforeseen power failures have to be bridged by means of rechargeable batteries.
  • Embedded Box PCs are prepared as standard for different mounting variants, for example with top-hat rail / DIN rail in the control cabinet, for wall mounting or mounting behind a monitor.

Aaronn Electronic divides Embedded Box PCs into three categories. Their boundaries are flexible and partially overlap. This allows all possible requirements to be optimally covered in each case.

advantech box pc ARK-1220L

As the name suggests, Compact Embedded PCs focus on the question of how the required performance and interfaces can be accommodated in the smallest possible chassis. There is no need to compromise on performance. Compact Embedded PCs can also be configured with numerous processors: from Intel Atom over Celeron up to Core-i CPUs as well as comparable AMD processors.

If, in addition to the compact design, high flexibility and different expansion options are also required, Modular Embedded PCs are the ideal solution. The modular concept also makes it possible to use a standardized basic configuration and to set different priorities for special requirements – such as interfaces, flash memory or power supply.

Increasingly, image and video analytics, artificial intelligence and the immediate processing of large amounts of data on site (at the edge) are playing a decisive role. However, such environments far from server rooms and data centers are not suitable for classic servers. This is where particularly High Performance Embedded PCs come into play.

advantech box pc ARK-1220L

Advantechs Box PC serien bestechen besonders durch Ihr iDoor-Konzept, dadurch sind diese Box-PCs besonders flexibel einsetzbar.  Dank der überaus vielfälltigen Anpassung und der einfachen Montage lassen sich mit den Advantech Box PC Serien ganz unterschiedliche Anforderungen in den verschiedensten Anwendnungsfällen erfüllen.

Kontron KBOX-B-201-CFL_web

Die KBox-Familie wurde für eine Vielzahl von industriellen Anwendungen konzipiert. Sie eignet sich sowohl als Controller-Plattform für anspruchsvolle Steuerungsaufgaben wie auch als intelligentes Gateway für datenintensive IoT-Edge-Anwendungen. Darüber hinaus machen integrierte Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten und die spezielle Umweltspezifikation die KBox zu einer idealen Lösung für Remote Monitoring Anwendungen.

Advantech MIC-7700

ADLINKs revolutionäre Serie – Matrix Fanless Embedded Computer bietet den Kunden eine optimale Computerplattform mit erweiterbaren Optionen. Adlink Technology ist ein weltweiter Anbieter von Edge-Computing-Lösungen und NVIDIA Quadro Embedded Partner sowie Jetson Elite Partner. Gemeinsam bringen wir Edge-Computing in Verbindung mit GPU-Power auf das nächste Level.

Customized Aaronn Box PCs

Wir erstellen gerne gemeinsam mit Kunden – spezifische Images von Betriebssystemen und installieren sie. Nicht nur der Box-PC selbst, sondern auch das Drumherum von der Verpackung über Labels bis hin zu Kabeln ist kundenspezifisch anpassbar. Das Gesamtpaket lässt sich nach den Anforderungen und Wünschen der Kunden gestalten.