Looking for an hassle-free way to get started with development? Starter kits come with an evaluation board and a wide range of cables and accessories. They enable numerous applications with low effort and manageable costs.

starterkits - 3064prod_comexpressstarterkittype6
  • Starterkit with COMe Evaluation Carrier T6
  • For COM Express® Modules with Pin-out Type 6
  • Includes required hard- and software for immediate start
starterkits - smarc-starterkit
  • Starterkit for ultra low power SMARC Computer-on-Modules
  • For quick evaluation purposes
  • Starterkit include all required hard- and software for immediate start
  • Compliant with SMARC specification by SGET
starterkits - seco-starterkit-2.0-q7.jpg
  • Carrier board for Qseven® Rev. 2.0 compliant modules CQ7-A42 (DP or HDMI version)
  • HD Audio module
  • I2S Audio module
  • One 12VDC Notebook Power Adapter
  • Cable kit
  • Adapter for mounting a microQ7 module on standard Qseven carrier boards
KBox C-102-2 TSN Starterkit
  • Hardware- / Software-upgrade solution for easy entry into time sensitive networking (TSN) for fog computing
  • Evaluated TSN platform for Industrial Automation
  • 6th Gen Intel Core i5 based KBox C-102 dual slot system
  • 1st slot with PCIE-0400-TSN Network Interface Card, 2nd slot free for expansion
  • Easy integration of devices into TSN network