Embedded systems and industrial PCs are devices designed for a specific purpose in terms of hardware and software. They contain a board, housing and software that are already coordinated with each other. However, despite this preparation for a broadly defined area of use, there are still numerous adaptation options for optimization in relation to the specific application. In addition, there are form factors and product categories designed for different areas of application. Each product category also has different device classes.

Which Embedded Systems do we offer?

The product selection at system level is primarily based on the application. It usually determines which product category is best suited. At system level, Aaronn Electronic’s portfolio includes embedded box PCs as well as IoT gateways, edge servers, panel PCs and industrial monitors.

advantech box pc ARK-1220L

Embedded box PCs are fanless, reliable and robust. They are used, for example, in machine and plant engineering or in the control cabinet. With us you can choose from many individual components and get a custom embedded box PC.

IoT gateways are a central component of IoT systems. They transport sensor and actuator data to the cloud in a targeted and secure manner and create interoperability. They ensure system security, reduce data volumes and thus operating costs.


Industrial 19″ servers are suitable for demanding and harsh environments. Shock and vibration or high temperatures do not affect these powerhouses. Furthermore, they can be customized at Aaronn.

The all-in-one devices, consisting of a display with/without touch and a computer unit, are suitable for use in standard control cabinets, desks, kiosk systems or POS/POI systems, among others. Aaronn also develops individual panel PC systems.


LVDS displays with individually assembled cable, open frame monitors or touch screens – we offer our display solutions in various sizes and with different touch technologies. They are IP-standardized, durable and robust.

The new Kontron KSwitch product family represents a new generation of industrial-grade fast, gigabit or even future 10G gigabit Ethernet switches. All switches can be flexibly combined with each other. 

With BASLER image sensors and the NVIDIA ® Jetson™ platform, a high-performance AI for edge applications, the compact and robust “NEON” cameras are well equipped to perform complex image analysis even without a network connection. 

The extremely compact KWS 3000-CML workstation combines the advantages of an industrial PC in terms of robustness and long-term availability with those of an office PC in terms of design and user-friendliness.

Why is Aaronn the ideal partner in the field of Embedded Systems?

In contrast to in-house development, an embedded system solution that is already prepared for specific use can usually be deployed more quickly and easily from the board-level upwards. The manufacturer specifies certain framework conditions for his embedded products through interfaces, form factor, prepared mounting options and other design decisions.

However, as a system integrator, Aaronn Electronic can customize the configuration for its customers within these specifications. In addition, by working with several leading manufacturers, Aaronn covers a broader range of requirements than a single supplier can. In addition, it supplements the portfolio at appropriate points with its own developments, such as the A2I BOX PC – a box PC that also offers configuration options for small series that are otherwise only available for larger projects.

Aaronn also scores points for industrial 19″ servers, not only as one of a few authorized system integrators for Kontron Industrial Silent Server (KISS), but also through tailor-made individual solutions. In addition, Aaronn also implements individual panel PC systems for its customers, supplies LVDS displays with individually assembled cable, display modules without housings but with interface card and optional PC (open frame monitors) as well as IP-standardized, durable and robust industrial monitors.

How can our team support you in the use of Embedded Systems?

Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products in the areas of industrial PCs and embedded systems. Contact us today and let us convince you of our service.