Industrial Panel PCs

Panel PCs are all-in-one devices combining a display and a computer unit. They make it possible to analyze what is happening directly on site in industry, medicine, plant control or logistics, and to clearly display measured values, processes, images, videos or dashboards for users. In addition, employees can intervene in processes directly on site when the visual display makes this necessary.

This can be done classically via mouse and keyboard – or more and more frequently via the touch surface of the displays. Panel PCs with touch surfaces are also suitable for providing information or interacting with customers at the point of sale (PoS) or a point of interest (PoI) – for example, for ticket sales, in exhibitions or for visitor control in administration buildings and conference centers. Since they enable direct, frequent and simple interaction between people and machines, they are also referred to as HMI (Human Machine Interface).

In general, we divide industrial panel PCs into two categories:

advantech - UTC-510

Advantech’s panel PC product portfolio includes customizable and all-in-one touch screen PC series with multiple industrial touch panel sizes and extensive I/O extensions to implement industry standards. 

kontron - flatclient_sts

The Kontron Panel PC product families feature a wide range of processor platforms and display sizes, and the Panel PCs are ready-to-use systems that ensure hardware and software compatibility. The 100% industrial-grade Panel PCs and rugged displays also meet the highest requirements in terms of shock, vibration and temperature resistance.

adlink smart panel pc Apollolake

The panel PCs from ADLINK Technology GmbH are products specially developed for industry and the food sector.

They feature robustness, a fanless and completely closed (IP65 or IP69k) design and innovative technology with resistive touch displays in the sizes 15.6″, 21.5″ and 23.8″.

Standalone panel PCs combine a display and a computer unit. The PC and panel are housed in a common enclosure. This can be mounted with a swivel or articulated arm on the system or machine that is to be monitored or controlled via the panel PC. In this way, the display is always easily accessible for different users and in different environments.

Built-in panel PCs can be seamlessly integrated into control systems, information terminals, vehicles or larger machines. The computer unit is compactly installed at the rear. The frame fits seamlessly into the surrounding surface.

adlink smart panel pc Apollolake

Bei den Panel PCs von ADLINK Technology GmbH handelt es sich um speziell für die Industrie und den Lebensmittelsektor entwickelte Produkte.

Diese bestechen durch Robustheit, einem lüfterlosen und  komplett geschlossenen (IP65 bzw. IP69k) Design und innovativer Technologie mit resisitiven Touch-Displays in in den Größen 15.6”, 21.5” und 23.8”.

The Right Panel PC for Your Industry

Different industries have different requirements for industrial panel PCs. In the public sector – for example, kiosk systems – must be able to withstand improper use. In the food industry, hygiene regulations and environmental conditions require stainless steel housings and protection classes up to IP69K. Often – for example, to identify the employee who wants to use the PC – the connection of RFID readers is also required.

In the industrial sector, high tolerance to temperature fluctuations and vibrations, as well as protection against the ingress of dust and water, are among the essential requirements. And in the POS/POI sector, easy-to-use capacitive touchscreens with good display and high brightness are important. In general, expectations of computing power are also increasing for panel PCs: after all, it is particularly easy to grasp complex facts visually on site. However, this also means that they have to be analyzed, processed, and displayed on site.

With its many years of expertise and relationships with technology partners Advantech, Kontron and Adlink, Aaronn Electronic can offer a wide range of widely differing panel PCs and cover a large spectrum of processor platforms and display sizes. When it comes to customization for specific requirements, our experts are happy to help even with small order quantities.

Why is Aaronn the right contact for industrial panel PCs?

For 30 years, Aaronn Electronic has been the ideal address in the field of embedded technology for companies looking for suitable solutions. Our success is also based on the cooperation with leading embedded manufacturers such as Advantech, Kontron, Seco and Adlink Technology.
As one of the leading distributors and system integrators for embedded products, it is our claim to provide the best possible industrial panel computers for our customers and cooperate with leading industrial panel PC manufacturers. In addition, we are available for individual customizations and consultations. Contact us and learn more about our solutions.

Consulting & Support

Do you have any further questions about high quality industrial PC, industrial panel PC touch screens and other computer solutions? We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. As Germany’s leading system integrator, we provide individual support to our customers in the field of embedded computers and quickly find customized solutions.