The demand for an individual solution in the field of industrial PCs can have many reasons. They range from adaptation to environmental conditions to the implementation of innovative ideas, differentiation from the competition and the coverage of special requirements as part of a larger overall concept. Depending on the objective to be achieved, different approaches can be taken. Aaronn supports you in each of these approaches with the individually tailored solutions. This includes the configuration of bundles for embedded solutions, design and production of add-on cards as well as the customization of box PCs, HMIs and rackmount servers to your requirements. This applies to large projects as well as to small quantities.  

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At Aaronn, you get your subsystem from a single source, including customer-specific configuration and functional tests. This allows you to focus on your core competence and save valuable time.

We design and produce trigger boards, temperature sensors and fully customized solutions. Aaronn’s fast and flexible manufacturing service enables rapid design, prototyping as well as small batch production at affordable NRE costs.

Based on standards such as COM Express, SMARC or Q7, we support you, for example with carrier board design, or take over the design completely. You can benefit from our numerous reference designs.

We customize standard products according to your requirements (interfaces, add-on cards, etc.) and develop customer-specific box PCs. In addition to selecting the right components and integration, we also provide the mechanical and thermal design.

We configure standard panel PCs according to your requirements. In addition to selecting the right performance and IP protection class, we also advise you on the suitable display type. Alternatively, we can create a panel PC according to your wishes.

Individual customizations, even for small quantities, are our strength. We work exclusively with reliable components. Each system is assembled in-house and thoroughly tested before delivery.

Extras are standard at Aaronn  

Even with access to our comprehensive standard board level and system level product portfolio, sometimes you need a solution designed just for you and your purpose. That’s why Aaronn offers a wide range of services to customize off-the-shelf embedded computer models, HMIs, box PCs and rackmount servers, as well as fully customized carrier boards and add-on cards.

1) Bundles from a single source 

At Aaronn, you get your individual subsystem including customized configuration and functional tests from a single source. Thanks to our bundles, consisting of motherboard, memory, SSD, graphics card, cooling solution and operating system, you can focus on your core competence and save valuable time, as the bundles are delivered to you fully assembled and tested.

2) Add-On Card Design & Manufacturing

Add-On Cards, also called expansion cards, are easily exchangeable, individually assembled printed circuit boards for customer-specific solutions. Examples are LED drivers, alarm boards or sensor boards with which incidents can be recorded and predefined processes can be triggered. This allows you to increase the level of automation or develop new applications. 

3) Carrier Board Design

A carrier board serves as a carrier for a Computer-on-Module (COM). The carrier board provides the application-specific peripheral connections or enables special features. Aaronn supports you in the design of the carrier boards, the thermal connection and the selection of the COMs for your application. 

4) Individual Embedded Box-PCs

Aaronn Electronic offers robust and fanless embedded box PCs from technology partners Advantech, Kontron and Adlink. With the compact, completely modular A2I box, Aaronn also offers its own highly flexible product. If an application cannot be covered in spite of this broad portfolio, we can help with our experience in the Custom Solutions area to customize standard products in terms of interfaces or additional cards. If required, Aaronn also develops customer-specific box PCs from the scratch.

5) Customer-specific requirements for HMIs

Aaronn offers panel PCs from Advantech for HMI applications in the POS/POI area, panel PCs from Kontron in the industrial environment and panel PCs from Adlink especially for the food sector. However, there are also applications where customer-specific requirements can be covered more specifically with a self-designed panel PC. Aaronn Electronic also offers consulting for this and helps with the implementation. 

6) Customized Rackmount Server

In the area of rackmount servers, Aaronn Electronic is one of a few authorized system integrators of KONTRON S&T AG, the leading manufacturer of embedded computer technology. For the compact 1U servers as well as the scalable 2U servers and the powerful 4U servers, Aaronn offers individual customization and assembly in its own facilities.  

What are the advantages of Custom Solutions for embedded solutions?

As a medium-sized German company, Aaronn Electronic is close to the needs of its customers, and as a long-standing distributor and system integrator of leading manufacturers, it is also close to the market. This pays off especially when a standard product does not exactly meet the requirements and individual adaptations are required. 

Aaronn stands out with its fast and flexible in-house manufacturing service for add-on cards. Thanks to many years of experience, we can work at low NRE costs (fixed costs for development) and develop your project quickly. This also makes Aaronn an ideal partner for prototyping and small batch production. 

For carrier boards, Aaronn supports you in the design based on standards such as COM Express (COMe), SMARC or Qseven or, if desired, takes over the design completely. In any case, our numerous reference designs help you to quickly reach your goal. 

In addition to the customization of embedded box PCs, Aaronn also develops customer-specific box PCs. In doing so, we take care of both the selection of components and their integration, as well as the appropriate mechanical and thermal design. 

When designing and configuring a panel PC, you can focus entirely on the requirements of your application. Aaronn will then take care of how the required performance is achieved, advise on the selection of the IP protection class and the suitable display type, and ensure a coherent overall concept. 

Individual customization, even for small quantities, is our strength with rackmount servers. The components are carefully selected by us. Each system is assembled in-house by our experienced experts and tested according to strict quality standards before delivery. 

How can our team support you with Custom Solutions?

With a wide range of board-level devices as well as ready-to-use system-level devices, Aaronn can flexibly cover the most common customer requirements. In order to live up to our commitment to be your ideal partner in the area of system integration, Aaronn also provides comprehensive support in the design, customization, configuration, testing and production of custom solutions. In doing so, we always keep an eye on costs and time in the interest of our customers. 

Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Custom Solutions. Contact us today and let our service convince you.