With Single Board Computers (SBC), Computer-on-Modules (COM) and motherboards, Aaronn provides you with high-quality embedded PC boards that meet your requirements. Aaronn is ready to assist you with consulting in selection and design as well as with support in implementation and deployment. This makes Aaronn the perfect partner in the area of system integration. For over 25 years, we have been advising companies individually, competently and reliably. With the support of our technology partners, we offer first-class products for the respective application and accompany you from the selection of the components to the serial production.

Which embedded PC boards do we offer?

Embedded PC boards come in many variants and designs. They can be classified on the basis of the boards used, the size of the boards and their main characteristics. Based on this, a distinction is made between Computer-on-Modules (COM), Single Board Computers (SBC) and Motherboards.

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Flexible, scalable and fast migration to new platforms: This is what Computer-on-Modules (COM) stand for. They are suitable for applications with limited space and low power requirements.

Connect and go: All components required for operation are combined on a single board computer (SBC). For you, this means very short design-in times and a fast time-to-market. And now: Plug and Play!

Motherboards score with their long-term availability of up to seven years and are suitable for many applications in different markets. Thanks to the numerous I/Os, they serve a wide range of applications.

Which embedded PC boards for which application?

Embedded PC boards are the crucial building block of any application. They can be installed as a central unit in a preconfigured embedded box PC or used as a control and computing unit for self-developed products. The range of applications for embedded CPU boards thus extends from the automotive sector to industrial automation and machine control, medical technology, digital signage and the rapidly growing field of IoT (Internet of Things), i.e. the networking of machines, sensors and other previously independently operated devices.

In each of these areas, there are different requirements for computing capacity, size, power supply and interfaces. In addition, depending on the industry and place of use, factors such as resistance to temperature fluctuations or vibrations also play a role. To meet these diverse requirements, we offer a wide range of boards.

1) Computer-on-Modules

Computer-on-Modules are particularly compact. The required peripheral connections can be provided via a carrier board. Special features can also be implemented in this way. The common standards COMe, Qseven, µQseven and Kontron SMARC have different strengths.

The COMe standard is available in mini, compact and basic form factors. With 55 x 84 mm, “mini” covers particularly compact mobile applications in the lower performance range. The “compact” size with 95 x 95 mm offers a good balance of performance and power requirements. The 125 x 95 mm COMe modules designated as “basic” are suitable for high-performance Intel® Core™ or AMD processors. This means they also meet high performance requirements.

Boards based on the Qseven (70 x 70 mm) and µQseven (70 x 40 mm) standards are characterized by low height and a wide range of easy-to-use interfaces. They also score with long production periods, IT security functions and x86 and RISC support. Thanks to the modular design, new CPU generations can also be used with identical or only slightly modified baseboards.

SMARC is an official standard of SGET. These boards were developed for use in harsh, industrial environments. They enable mobile, networked embedded solutions based on ARM and X86 technology and are also available with ultra-low power profiles.

2) Single-Board-Computers

Single-board computers are a good choice when it comes to short time-to-market. They can be used for different applications with minimal effort. Aaronn offers industrial-grade embedded single board computers (SBCs) in compact sizes with robust design, high flexibility and easy expansion options with a comprehensive product range of 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and PC / 104. In addition, Aaronn offers integration services, including Advantech WISE PaaS software (IoT cloud platform). The embedded SBC solutions are ideal for industrial automation, transportation, military and medical applications.

3) Motherboards 

Motherboards are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to plenty of interfaces. They also come in several form factors. The most common for embedded motherboards is m-ITX (170 x 170 mm). Integration into a case is possible here with little effort and users have numerous standard interfaces at their disposal.

FLEX ATX (229 × 191 mm), as the name suggests, offers an even greater variety of interfaces.

Motherboards in the Micro-ATX (244 x 244 mm) and ATX (305 x 244 mm) form factors offer up to four and seven expansion slots, respectively. They are suitable for many industrial applications and are based on the latest processors from leading manufacturers. 

How can our team support you in the deployment of embedded PC boards?

Which board is optimal for your application depends on many factors. Besides the size and the interfaces, the programmability, the expected development time and the expected costs have to be considered.

Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our embedded PC products. Contact us today and allow us to convince you of our service.