Aaronn Electronic wishes you a Merry Christmas

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An eventful year is drawing to a close* and it is time to pause and reflect on what we have achieved: together we can realize many great projects throughout the year. In spring we moved into our new, spacious offices and in September we celebrated our 30th company anniversary.

Towards the end of the year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and cooperation. We greatly appreciate the cooperative partnership and look forward to continuing it in the coming year.  

We wish you a peaceful festive season and a happy New Year 2024. May a year full of new opportunities, successes, and joint projects.  

Your Aaronn team  

P.S: This year, we again refrained from giving Christmas presents and supported charitable organizations such as the Isar Sempt Werkstätten and the Puchheimer-Eichenauer Tafel.  

*We will be on Christmas vacation from 2023.12.23 and back for you on 2024.01.04.