Advantech introduces Revolutionary Computer-on-Modules: SOM-5885 and SOM-A350

Our technology partner Advantech, a leading provider of embedded IoT computing solutions, presents two brand new Computer-on-Modules (COM): SOM-5885 and SOM-A350. These modules are not only equipped with advanced processors, but also offer impressive expansion capabilities and special features that revolutionize performance and flexibility in various applications.

Performance of the 14th Gen Intel Core Ultra processors

At the heart of the SOM-5885 and SOM-A350 are the powerful 14th Gen Intel Core Ultra processors. They offer impressive computing power with up to 14 cores and a 24% improvement over the previous generation. The Xe LPG graphics support up to 128 EU, resulting in a 1.9x increase in performance. The highlight, however, is the integration of the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) directly into the System on Chip (SoC), resulting in an impressive AI performance of 11 TOPS. By combining CPU and GPU, the entire SoC of the 14th Gen Intel Core Ultra processors can achieve up to 32 TOPS. This computing power significantly benefits medical imaging and machine vision applications while reducing dependency on external graphics cards.

Advanced I/O options for efficiency at the edge

The SOM-5885 and SOM-A350 offer advanced expansion capabilities and I/O options. The SOM-5885 supports PCIe Gen4 to COM Express standard, while the SOM-A350 offers PCIe Gen5 with additional ports. These PCIe upgrades are critical for applications such as medical imaging, where high-performance graphics cards, NVMe SSDs, and FPGAs need to be integrated into high-speed PCIe slots. In addition to PCIe, both modules offer high-speed I/Os such as 2.5G LAN, USB4, USB 3.2, and SATA 3.0, making them versatile in various fields. The SOM-A350 is characterized by dual LAN ports, providing increased flexibility for various applications in the field.

Dual BIOS flash for reliability and flexible configuration

Reliability and flexible configuration options are crucial for embedded systems. Both modules, SOM-5885 and SOM-A350, feature dual BIOS flash support. In the event of a failed BIOS OTA update or unexpected corruption of the main BIOS flash, the system automatically switches to the backup BIOS to ensure continuous operation of the system. The dual BIOS configuration also allows the inclusion of two BIOS versions, between which the customer can switch manually. This feature minimizes the time spent on BIOS updates, especially when BIOS settings are changed frequently. With a simple click in the BIOS menu, the main BIOS can be updated to a new version without the need to disassemble the system. The software switch capability can also be extended to customized software applications via the Advantech SUSI API.

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As one of Advantech’s few Premier Channel Partners, the SOM-5885 and SOM-A350 are now available for sample orders. Our experienced and reliable Key Account Managers and Solution Architects are at your disposal for further information and will support you with your individual solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us now!

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Source: Advantech

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