Advantech’s AIMB-588 industrial motherboard enables high-performance graphics computing

Our technology partner Advantech, a leading provider of embedded IoT solutions, has introduced its innovation, the AIMB-588 micro-ATX motherboard with 12th generation Intel® Core™ processors. This innovative motherboard is suitable for various industries, including medical imaging, intelligent surveillance, and AI detection applications, among others, as it offers robust real-time processing capabilities and excellent graphics performance.

Robust image computing for embedded industry applications

With the support of PCIe Gen 5 x16, the AIMB-588 motherboard stands out with its advanced graphics processing capabilities. Compared to the previous platform, the AIMB-588 offers twice the bandwidth based on Gen 5 x 16. This feature enables the use of powerful graphics cards, such as the RTX3090, for demanding tasks such as face and object recognition. In addition, the AIMB-588 supports up to 4 independent monitors, each capable of 4K resolution at 60 Hz via two DisplayPort connectors, one HDMI and one eDP interface. With the latest interfaces and versatile expansion slots, the AIMB-588 optimizes the performance of medical imaging and machine vision systems.

Enhanced functionality with flexible I/O design

The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor used in the AIMB-588 incorporates an innovative dual-core hybrid architecture for comprehensive computing management, significantly optimizing the motherboard’s visual computing capabilities. In addition, the AIMB-588 features a highly compatible I/O design by delivering high-resolution visual output. Specifically, it features four GbE LAN ports and supports speeds of up to 2.5 GbE, enabling high-resolution, low-delay image capture via IP or high-speed cameras. In addition, this versatile solution supports up to eight USB 3.2 ports that enable efficient image data processing with various peripherals. Furthermore, the AIMB-588 supports eight SATA III ports and six COM ports (RS-232/422/485 with automatic flow control) for precise data synchronization and minimal latency.

Lower cost of ownership with WISE-DeviceOn

The AIMB-588 is designed to minimize system downtime by integrating WISE-DeviceOn software. WISE-DeviceOn monitors hardware, software and peripherals in real-time and immediately reports when anomalies are detected. Complementing this functionality is an over-the-air (OTA) BIOS system that simplifies BIOS updates remotely or provides backup recovery mechanisms to avoid system interruptions and boot failures. The AIMB-588 also features USB On/Off functions that enhance security by preventing unauthorized access and allowing USB devices to reboot without turning off power. This combination of features lowers maintenance costs and increases IoT efficiency by proactively detecting and fixing problems.

Overall, Advantech’s AIMB-588 motherboard represents a breakthrough in micro-ATX technology with powerful image processing capabilities and flexible I/O options for various industrial applications. With the added benefit of WISE DeviceOn software, it promises reduced operating costs and improved system reliability, making it an excellent choice for companies that require real-time processing and superior graphics performance in their operations.

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Source: Advantech


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