Demanding IoT applications flexibly implemented – Kontron KBox B-Series

Kontron‘s KBox B-series embedded box PCs offer high processing power in a compact format. The KBox B-201-CFL and KBox B-202-CFL are based on mini-ITX Motherboards and support 8th or 9th generation Intel Core processors. A modular design approach allows Kontron’s long-standing partner Aaronn Electronic GmbH to tailor both models particularly precisely to customer requirements where on-site sophisticated software demands high computing power and total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important consideration – for example, in video analytics, medical diagnostic equipment, warehouse automation and forward-looking building automation.

The Kontron KBox B-series with the models B-202-CFL and B-201-CFL are featured by high computing power, which they achieve with Intel® Core™ processors (i3/i5/i7) of the eighth or the ninth generation. Both models are based on Mini-ITX motherboards (170×170 mm). They are each available in a Smart Line and a Value Line, which differ in terms of interface equipment. The larger KBox B-202-CFL also offers two PCIe x8 slots or one PCIe x16 slot, for easy expansion with network or graphics cards, in addition to the board’s standard interfaces. Thus, the KBox B-202-CFL is also well equipped for demanding image and video processing.

Thanks to compact dimensions of 190x60x190 mm (KBox B-201-CFL) and 190x120x190 mm (KBox B-202-CFL) as well as a particularly low-noise fan, both embedded box PCs are ideally suited for use in areas where they need to perform their tasks unobtrusively, such as in demanding applications for building automation as well as lighting and multimedia control.

The housings made of hot-dip coated sheet steel and aluminum are not only robust, but also visually attractive. As a result, the Kontron KBox B series is expressly recommended for applications in rooms with public traffic and also fits well into the environment in terms of design, for example in the medical sector, in test, analysis and diagnosis scenarios. Since the air supply is protected by an easily removable and washable metal grille, the KBox B-series is even suitable for use in somewhat harsher environments such as logistics, where fanless models have not been able to reliably provide comparably high computing performance in the past.

Kontron KBox-B-Series in Detail

Kontron KBOX-B-201-CFL_web

The KBox B-201-CFL is based on a Mini-ITX motherboard and a CPU with up to eight processor cores. The choice is between Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors of the eighth or ninth generation, which are supported by the Intel® H310 Express Chipset (Value Line) or Intel® Q370 Express Chipset (Smart Line). Up to 32 GBytes of DDR4L memory are possible, and an M.2 SSD with up to 2 TBytes of storage is used as mass storage. Windows 10 IoT or Ubuntu Linux is possible as the operating system.

On the right side of the high-quality front is an on/off switch that is clearly visible via a status LED. Two easily accessible USB 3.0 ports are available on the left. All other connections are at the back: DVI-D, 2x DisplayPort, audio, five (Value Line) or eight (Smart Line) additional USB ports, two LAN ports, serial RS232 interface as well as mouse and keyboard connection.

Kontron KBox B-202-CFL

The KBox B-202-CFL is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processor of the eighth generation (Coffee Lake) with up to six cores, Kontron motherboard in Mini-ITX form factor (170×170 mm). The interface equipment is similar to the smaller B-201-CFL model, but there are significantly more internal expansion options available, including four SATA III interfaces, which provides Raid functionality with up to four mass storage devices. The wall-mount option allows the KBox B-202-CFL to be permanently mounted outside of classic industrial environments with the matching wall mount set.

More flexibility with the modular approach from Aaronn Electronic

The entire KBox-B series is also available individually configurable via Aaronn Electronic as a long-standing and proven system integrator for Kontron. This allows the Box PCs to be adapted even more precisely to the needs of the customer and the respective application. Then only the housing, the Mini-ITX board, the fan and the power supply – as well as the riser card in the case of the B-202 Barebone – are predefined.

All other components – such as the CPU, RAM and mass storage, WiFi – are put together by Aaronn in collaboration with the customer and are ideally matched to each other. In addition, small modifications and separate support agreements can also be made. For software providers who want to make their applications available on the Box PCs at the customer’s site, customization of the housing with their own logo is also possible. As always with Aaronn Electronic, all services are available even for the smallest quantities and for each customer individually.

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